For financial year ending 31st March 2022. Please note some statistics may differ slighly from those reported in FY 2021 to 2022. Annual Report due to an update monitoring methodology.

1. As of 31 March 2022, AAWC has served more than 3000 individuals including non ? enrolled beneficiaries.

2. Includes visits by field team to beneficiaries’ homes.

3. New School year begins in June month.

Progress: One Step at a Time.

1. Documents include Ration card, PAN card, Aadhar card, gazette filings, health card, voting cards, birth certificates, birth affidavits, general affidavits, and death certificates.

2. Activities includeall work shops and excursions for legal awareness, general health knowledge, reproductive health knowledge, government schemes awareness, creativity development,career exploration,life skills development,professional skills development, physical fitness, human rights awareness, recreation, and other extracurricular purposes.

3. Finance Includes micro? saving accounts held at Indian Post Office, and formal bank accounts held at Bank of Maharashtra, Union Bank of India,Sukannya scheme,and other banks

4. Umeed Vocational Training includes data of cumulative Strength of Beneficiary served in it.

5. Medical referrals are provided to ensure beneficiaries are properly treated at hospitals,where they are often denied service due to discrimination.

6. Medical camps include data of general health camp,dental, eye, HB, Height and Weight Campand immunisation camps.

7. In FY 2021? 2022 we also provided the service of vaccination in which 402 beneficiaries were served and AAWC was the first Organizationto start awareness about COVID’19 Vaccination among beneficiaries.

8. Shelter home includes data of new enrolmentin night shelter at AAWC.

9. AAWC night shelter for Udaan and Umang Program is located in Kamathipura, while external shelters are located throughout Greater Mumbai.